The man in a black t-shirt (duj_1arm) wrote in bills_fans,
The man in a black t-shirt

So it seems...

That the search of the car was legit as the car was pulled over for traffic violations and the police could smell pot (and discovered some in the car), however the police are describing it as a minor incident which will be dealt with by the DA's office before the end of the week. I think Lynch will get a slap on the wrist as far as the law is concerned, but it's looking like a minimum four game suspension from the NFL.

I knew the Bills should have tied up Fred Jackson's contract during the season, now he has an excellent bargaining position, and if they don't get a deal done and he lights things up when Lynch is out he'll cost an absolute fortune. I'd like the Bills to take a look at Fred Taylor if Lynch does get a hefty suspension, he'd be a great change of pace back with Jackson, and he knows he isn't going to start anywhere so he shouldn't be too expensive.

Lynch needs to sort himself out, he seems to be more like a good kid who does dumb things that put him in bad situations, but he has to remember that as a professional athlete he has a responsibility to his team-mates, coaches and fans.

Still, at least he didn't stab anyone.
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