The man in a black t-shirt (duj_1arm) wrote in bills_fans,
The man in a black t-shirt

In Memoriam

One of our community members, ironman1180, passed away last night. He didn't make many comments here, but he was always a vocal Bills fan over on nflfans and had become a fixture in the weekly IRC chats that those guys organised, where from around week 7 last year the two of us would try and describe exactly how bad the Bills had become in comparison to their early season form. I didn't really know him, but when I was talking to him about football, and any other subject that came up during those chats, it seemed like we'd been friends for a long time. I'll miss having the chance to talk with him in the future, but I know that every Sunday from September through to the end of the season he'll be looking down on the Bills and wondering "How can we screw this up this week?"

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