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Draft review. Sorry it's late, I originally posted it to my LJ yesterday and forgot to x-post...

1st Round:

#11 - Aaron Maybin, Defensive End, Penn State

Pros: Best pass rusher in the draft
Cons: Undersized, though he has bulked up impressively over the past couple of months. Not Orakpo.

Verdict: Now that I've seen the pictures of him with the extra muscle mass I'm happy with the pick. Only 8lbs lighter than Bruce Smith in his prime, he could add that by training camp. B+

#28 - Eric Wood, Center, Louisville

Pros: Mean center who can destroy NTs. Matches up well against the big NTs in the AFC East
Cons: Can get cuaght up in his own feet at times, if things start going wrong on a play he doesn't have the agility to correct his errors.

Verdict: Love it. The more I think about it the more I like this pick, day one starter on the o-line, whether at Center or Guard. A

2nd Round:

#42 - Jairus Byrd - Cornerback/Safety, Oregon

Pros: Ball hawk, great hands, great on punt returns
Cons: We should have been going LB or OT here.

Verdict: Allegedly brought in to play FS. Not sure what this means for Whitner, still think we would have been better served going OT or LB. C+

#51 - Andy Levitre - Guard/Tackle, Oregon State (trade-up, sent 3rd and 4th round picks to Cowboys)

Pros: Like Wood he has a mean streak a mile wide. Destroys his man, and has quick feet
Cons: Maybe not quite ready to play Tackle in the NFL, can sometimes lose focus.

Verdict: Amazed he fell to 51, I would have loved him as a pick even at 42. Will start at Guard from day one. Easily worth the 3rd and 4th rounders it cost to get back into the second. A+

3rd Round

No Picks - traded #75 to Cowboys for #51

4th Round

Traded #110 to Cowboys for #51

#121 - Shawn Nelson - Tight End, Southern Miss

Pros: Fast over short distances, great hands, not afraid to go over the middle
Cons: Doesn't have that Gates type speed to get open down the field, suspect blocker

Verdict: Good value pick, the Bills needed a Tight End and have picked a guy who is capable of becoming a solid player in the NFL. He'll not catch many 20+ yard passes, but he'll make catches in the red zone and put points on the board. B+

5th Round

#147 - Nic Harris - Safety/Linebacker, Oklahoma

Pros: Could be the next Cato June
Cons: Could be the next Coy Wire

Verdict: Meh. We've picked worse, and he can't really be any worse long-term than Ellison is. If he puts on some muscle without losing any speed he's an upgrade. C+

6th Round

#183 - Cary Harris - Cornerback, Southern California

Pros: At least he was only a 6th rounder
Cons: We don't need any more fucking cornerbacks.

Verdict: See cons. D-

7th Round

#220 - Ellis Lankster - Cornerback, West Virginia

Pros/Cons: See above, only substitute 7th for 6th

Verdict: As it's a round later, D
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