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Chan Gailey is the new head coach

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I'll put it out there like this, went to the playoffs 1 year with the Cowboys, and 5-11 the rest of the way. I think he had one 6-10 season in there as well. Fired from Kansas City, never played in a big bowl game while at Georgia Tech. My feeling is that it's a step up, but in a couple years the Bills will be right back at square one all over again.

Time will tell I guess, and who knows maybe he will surprise people, but I doubt it...
I'm hoping he can at least get the team pointed in A direction, rather than the constant state of confusion the teams been in for the past several years.
Uh, no. He went to the playoffs BOTH years he coached the Cowboys. Dave Campo coached them for the 3 5-11 years. Thanks for playing though.

The year before Gailey was Cowbitches coach they were 6-10, he then led them to a 10-6 season and an 8-8 season. After he was sacked they went 5-11 for three straight years.

As you don't even know about his coaching record with your own team you don't have a valid opinion.

The only reason he got fired from KC was because Todd Haley is an arrogant prick who didn't like the fact that his OC knew how to run the offense much better than he did.
I'm hearing good things, but it's hard to tell if it's just smoke and mirrors or what. You can only be kicked in the teeth so many times before you flinch at every move.

For now, I shall remain cautiously pessimistic, for self preservation's sake.
For sure, I think cautiously pessimistic should be the team's motto.
1. Every team Gailey has coached as OC or HC has finished in the top half of the league in points scored.

2. He made Tyler Thigpen look pretty good.

3. He finished with a winning record every year at Georgia Tech, living off SEC scraps for recruiting.

4. Other than a past-it Aikman at the Cowboys he had really sucky QBs to work with everywhere else, and still got points on the board.

5. He REALLY impressed me at the press conference. As did Buddy Nix. Two guys who know football and won't take any shit from anyone.
I did enjoy listening to them talk. For some reason, that southern drawl equates to better football to me.

He said all the right things. He knows he's got a long road ahead of him. I'm taking the cautiously pessimistic route for now. I've been kicked in the nuts enough times over the years to know to keep myself protected for a while.

I'll judge him at the halfway point of the season...