The man in a black t-shirt (duj_1arm) wrote in bills_fans,
The man in a black t-shirt

Now doesn't that look like a pretty sweet tandem?

Let's get the rest of the holes filled, need a LG and an OLB before too long.
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March 9 2009, 13:35:45 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  March 9 2009, 13:35:53 UTC

I'm still really torn on the whole thing.

If he can have one really good year, and keep his mouth shut and be happy to be playing, I think everything will click (no more 9 in the box. Beast Mode has to be salivating right now).

He typically has a killer first year before he blows a team up. Plus, it's a one year deal where he'll try and prove himself. Training camp this year is going to be nuts with fans.
Don't forget a quality TE